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Your educational travel adventures don't have to stop because you are at home.

Our team is offering these unique and free virtual learning opportunities for your students as an alternative to their cancelled trip.

These live sessions are held online and like all of our programs, they are private just for your class; we never combine you with other groups.

We look forward to welcoming you on our Virtual Travel Adventures!

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in partnership with the
Tenement Museum

in partnership with the International Spy Museum

in partnership with NewseumED

in partnership with NewseumED

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Ford's Theatre

in partnership with the Museum

of the American Revolution

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in partnership with Believe NYC

in partnership with Believe NYC

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Choirs: The Power of Song

Get ready to be inspired! In this interactive session you'll get the opportunity to meet a professional singer or music director. You'll see some of their work and learn about their path to becoming a professional musician including their struggles and triumphs. Then you'll have the opportunity to ask them questions.
(45-60 minutes)

(provided in partnership with Believe NYC)

From Band Rooms to Broadway: 

Band and Orchestra Q&A

Every professional musician was once a student just like you! In this unique session, you'll meet with one of our musicians and hear about their journey from the practice room to orchestra pits all over the world. You'll hear some of their work and have the opportunity to ask them questions.
(45-60 minutes)

(provided in partnership with Believe NYC)

Happy Feet: Tales from Dancers

Meet with a professional dancer in this exciting session! You'll hear about their years of training and auditions, struggles and success, as well as their most memorable performances. After seeing some of their work, you'll have the opportunity to ask questions and maybe even learn a step or two.
(45-60 minutes)

(provided in partnership with Believe NYC)

Inside Broadway: Stories from Theatre Artists

What is it like performing on Broadway in Wicked? How do you pursue a career as a lighting designer? What does a Broadway choreographer or music director do? In this session you'll meet a theatre artist from the discipline of your choice! You'll hear stories and be able to ask questions about auditions, backstage mishaps and what it takes to have a career on Broadway. 

(45-60 minutes)

(provided in partnership with Believe NYC)

Perspective from a Visual Artist

A career in visual arts is such a mystery...until now! Meet with one of our visual artists and hear about their background and training. You'll dive into their creative process and journey to success in the field. After seeing some of their work, you'll have the opportunity to ask questions.

(45-60 minutes)

(provided in partnership with Believe NYC)

TV & Film: Behind the Scenes

Do you aspire to be an actor or filmmaker? In this interactive session you'll learn about how a project goes from an idea to production and completion. You will get the inside scoop about screen test auditions, learn the difference between commercial and film acting, and hear intriguing tales about working onset in Hollywood. You'll see work by our artists and have the opportunity to ask them questions.  
(45-60 minutes)

(provided in partnership with Believe NYC)

Is it Fair? Evaluate Your Media (Grades 5+)

Are accusations of bias clogging your news feed? Are your students quick to point out that something is unfair, but not prepared to explain why? Tune up your “fairness meter” to assess how objective or biased content really is. You’ll take a step back from the media negativity to look at the positive: what are the qualities of fair news coverage? 

You’ll learn how to assess word choice, use of context and counterpoints to make informed, impartial evaluations of the news you encounter in print, online, and on social media. You will practice with real-world examples and leave the session ready to tune into content and tune out the chaos.
(45-60 minutes)

(provided in partnership with Newseum ED)

(provided in partnership with Newseum ED)

The First Amendment protects freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, freedom of the press, and right to petition, but what does all of that really mean? What rights do I have and why are they important to individuals and society? In this interactive Q&A session with a Freedom Forum expert, you will be introduced to academically rigorous and constitutionally appropriate models for assessing and understanding the role of First Amendment freedoms in private and public life. 

(45-60 minutes)

Ask an Expert: Understanding the First Amendment

On the Campaign Trail: The Battle for Votes

In every election season, candidates and their supporters compete to shape viewers’ opinions and garner their votes. Candidates know that it’s not just what you say, but how you say it. During this engaging session, you will learn the persuasion techniques used by candidates when running for office and deepen your ability to analyze a variety of media produced by campaigns and to help separate fact from fiction. You’ll examine historical and contemporary campaign ads, learn how to navigate conflicting messages, and leave empowered to separate fact from fiction.

(45-60 minutes)

(provided in partnership with Newseum ED)

Virtual Field Trip at the Tenement Museum

Through a guided experience with a member of the Museum's Education Department you will embark on a journey into the past. You'll see tenement apartment spaces and learn about immigrant and migrant families who called the buildings home. The program will include primary source exploration of one particular family and will conclude with Q&A.
(45-60 minutes)

(provided in partnership with the Tenement Museum)

Spy School 101 (Grades 4-8)*

Do you have what it takes to be a spy? Join us for Spy School 101 where you will explore the shadow-world of espionage through the stories, artifacts, and tradecraft that only the Spy Museum can uncover. You’ll participate in various activities that will test your spy skills to help you answer the question: Could you be a spy?

(45-60 minutes)

*limited availability

(provided in partnership with the International Spy Museum)

Investigating the Lincoln Assassination 

with Detective McDevitt* (Grades 5+)

(provided in partnership with Ford's Theatre)

During this session, you'll assist Detective James McDevitt to investigate the assassination of President Lincoln. As his deputies, you'll revisit sites and reexamine clues from April 14, 1865. This live program uses primary source images and interaction with historical characters.

(60 minutes)

*limited availability

Beyond the Battlefield: A Virtual Field Trip* (Grades 4-8)

(provided in partnership with the Museum of the American Revolution)

You'll go on a behind-the-scenes Virtual Field Trip at the Museum of the American Revolution with host Lauren Tarshis, author of the I Survived series. Along the way, you'll meet museum educators Adrienne Whaley and museum curator Matthew Skic, see real artifacts and documents from the American Revolution, learn the stories of two teenagers who served during the Revolutionary War, and view the actual tent that George Washington lived in as he traveled with his soldiers. After viewing the 25 minute Virtual Field Trip, you will have a 30 minute Q&A with a museum educator.

(55 minutes)

*limited availability

The Role of the Lobbyist in the U.S. Government

You’ve most likely learned about the various branches of government and know the roles of the President, Vice President, and members of Congress, but do you know what lobbyists do? During this session you’ll meet Maribeth, a former lobbyist, and gain insight about the role a lobbyist has within the U.S. government. After hearing about Maribeth’s experience, you’ll become a decision marker in an activity where you will debate the pros and cons of an issue. Maribeth will then answer any questions you have about her experience working in government.
(45-60 minutes)

Presenting Pompeii

with Professional Tour Guide Ludovica Capano

Ludovica Capano, an archaeologist and professional tour guide with 10 years of experience, will take you on an interactive tour of Pompeii showing you some of the highlights such as the Forum, the thermal baths and plaster casts, and various houses among other significant buildings. You will also have the unique opportunity of exploring the newest ongoing excavations in Regio V, an area that up until recently was unable to be visited in person. Throughout the session, Ludovica will explain the tremendous effect the Mount Vesuvius volcanic eruption had on the town of Pompeii and will leave time at the end for Q&A.

(45-60 minutes)

Choose Your Own London Adventure
with Professional Tour Guide Gabby Aflalo

Gabby Aflalo, a professional tour guide with 13 years of experience in tourism, will take you on a journey through London. As a group you’ll get to vote on which highlights of the city you would like to explore (some options: the London Eye, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, Tower of London) and maybe some other surprises along the way! Throughout the session, you’ll gain insight into British culture and finish with a fun British language activity and Q&A.
(45-60 minutes)

D-Day Normandy Tour

with Professional Tour Guide Eric Turnbull

Eric Turnbull, a professional tour guide in Normandy with 15 years of experience, will take you through some of the D-Day beaches, Airborne sites and Battle of Normandy sites. He holds these historic places close to his heart and will share some personal stories about his relatives who served in the war. You’ll come away with a better understanding of the D-Day Landing through this interactive session featuring panoramic views, short footage, and photos. At the end of the session, you’ll have the opportunity to ask Eric questions during Q&A. 

(45-60 minutes)

A Taste of Paris

with Professional Tour Guide Edward Bell

Edward Bell, an experienced tour guide in Paris, will take you on a journey through the City of Lights. He will present a brief historical timeline of Paris followed by virtual visits to the Louvre, Eiffel Tower and maybe some other surprises along the way! Edward will tell you more about his experience living in Paris as an expat for nearly 10 years. Throughout the session you will gain insight into French culture from a local's perspective and have time for Q&A.

(45-60 minutes)

Presenting Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

with Professional Tour Guide Jorge Montalvo

Jorge Montalvo, a professional tour guide in Puerto Rico with 6 years of experience, will take you on an adventure through Old San Juan. He will present a brief historical background of Old San Juan and then take you on a virtual tour to some of the most famous sites including St. Catherine Palace, San Juan Cathedral and the Spanish fortifications of El Morro and San Cristobal. Throughout the session, Jorge will ask you some fun questions about your knowledge of Puerto Rico and will save time for Q&A. 

(45-60 minutes)

Virtual Tour at the Vatican

with Professional Tour Guide Antonio Scona

Antonio Scona, a professional tour guide in Rome with 25 years of experience, will take you on an interactive tour of the Vatican including the Sistine Chapel, Raphael’s Rooms, and St. Peter’s Church. On your 360° virtual tour, supplemented with short video clips and photographs, you’ll have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the art and architecture at these historical sites. Throughout the session, Antonio will give you insight into the relevance these sites have on Italian culture today and will answer any questions you have.
(45 minutes)

An Odyssey Through Athens

with Professional Tour Guide Smaro Touloupa

Smaro Touloupa, a professional tour guide in Greece, with 23 years of experience, will take you on an interactive tour of Athens. You’ll visit the Acropolis hill, the Panathenaic Stadium where the first modern Olympics happened in 1896, and the Constitution (Syntagma) square where the Parliament and heart of contemporary Athens is located. Throughout the session, Smaro will weave in some Greek mythology and give you insight into modern Greece and culture today. At the end, you’ll have the opportunity to ask her questions during Q&A.
(45-60 minutes)

Jacque Carnahan,


Keve Wilson,


Stephen Stubbins, Broadway Actor

Libby Servais,

Broadway Actress

John Michael Dias, Broadway Actor

Steven Cutts,

Broadway Actor

Paul Staroba,

Broadway Music Director

Steve Trzaska,

Actor TV/Film

Alicia Albright,

Broadway Dancer

Conor Keelan,


Eric Mann,


Zienna Brunsted  Stewart, Painter

Meg Zervoulis,
Broadway Music Director

Colby Lindeman,
Broadway Dancer

Natalie Malotke,

Erin Jerozal,

Professor of Theater and Music

Keiji Ishiguri,
Vocal Arranger

Ethan Steimel,
Lighting Designer

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When will my Virtual Travel Adventure be scheduled?

Once you complete the online registration form, an ETA staff member will contact you to schedule your Virtual Travel Adventure. Once scheduled, you will receive a unique invitation link with a password to share with your students prior to the start of the session. Please note all participants will need to enter the password in order to enter the Zoom session for privacy reasons.

Which platform will the group use for the Virtual Travel Adventure?

We are primarily using Zoom (with a password required) for Virtual Travel Adventures, but we are able to accommodate other platforms. Please let us know which platform will work best for your group.

How long are the Virtual Travel Adventures?

Virtual Travel Adventures are between 45-60 minutes. 

Will my Virtual Travel Adventure be private?

Yes, your Virtual Travel Adventure will be private; we never combine groups. This means that your students will be the only class with the link.

Will my Virtual Travel Adventures be live?

Yes, all Virtual Travel Adventures are held live. This will allow your students to interact with the host(s). 

Will my students be able to talk or chat with the host(s)?

Yes! Each Virtual Travel Adventure is designed to be a meaningful educational experience filled with interaction. Therefore the quality of the session is dependent on everyone involved! We highly encourage participation.

How much does a Virtual Travel Adventure cost?

We are pleased to offer our Virtual Travel Adventures to our groups that had to cancel due to the pandemic free of charge.

How many participants can be in one virtual classroom? 

Most Virtual Travel Adventures can accommodate your entire group. Spy School 101, Beyond the Battlefield, and Investigating the Lincoln Assassination have limited group sizes per session. 

Will the video feature be enabled for my students?

This is up to each group leader to decide. As hosts of the Virtual Travel Adventures, we have the ability to enable or disable the video and audio options.

Am I only permitted to schedule a Virtual Travel Adventure based on my cancelled trip destination?

We encourage you to select a Virtual Travel Adventure that is relevant to your group, but you are not limited to only selecting one based on your cancelled trip destination. 

Will my students be able to ask questions?

Yes! We encourage students to ask questions throughout the session, but there will be additional time for Q&A at the end of each session. 

What if my school is not permitting us to use Zoom?

Please contact us. We are happy to discuss alternative options to make this available for your students.

I have a question that was not answered here. 

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